How to Speed up your Android Mobile Internet

In this modern age science and technology, majority of the peoples are using internet from different devices like, computer, laptop , mobiles, Tab, notebook and many more.

Among these devices mobiles are mostly used for internet access. Mointernet speedst of the peoples now using Android mobiles and most of the peoples using 2G services. In the beginning 2G internet service will give you a good speed but as time passed its speed going slow and slow.

Here I am sharing some useful tips for speed up Android Internet.





  •  Use Opera Mini or UC Browser

For good speed you must use a good browser like operopera uca mini and UC Browser.

These two browsers are the fastest browsers in mobiles internet.

Mobiles default browser does not work very good. These  browses have many functions which are very easy to use.





  • Signal Strength

Your mobile signal strength will also affect your internet speed.signal strength

So if your network signal strength is not good then the speed must be too slow.

So try to get a network which signal strength is good.





  • Don’t Download when surfingdownload

    Never download anything when you are browsing/surfing. Because if you are

downloading some thing then its will take most of the speed.




  • Turn off/ Block Images

If you are using internet mobile just for reading text then turn off/block images. So then the speed must boost.





  • Uninstall useless applications How-to-Remove-Unwanted-Apps-

Don’t install too much and useless applications in your mobile. The load of these application also slow your internet speed.







  • Clear the cacheQuick-App-Clean-Cache-v232

Try to clear the cache everyday because cache is using extra space on phone. So clear the cache from your software’s/applications .

 Just go to setting and then click on application.










  • Low data sites

Try to loaded small data sites which are loading in a short time.





  • Internet Booster ApplicationAndroid Speed Booster

There are a lot of application for android mobiles which increases the

internet speed like ,Internet Booster , Fast Internet speed booster , Super

internet speed etc.




  • Data Prefer

Set data Prefer in Setting : Go to your android mobile Setting>Wireless and Networks and go to option GPRS transfer prefer and change the setting to data prefer instead of call prefer . Setting to data prefer will be increase the internet speed.




  • Background Open Applications

One of the most common reason of slow internet is that when data android-background-apps-371x660

connection is activated then some application like Gmail app start

accessing internet in background.

This  will also reduce the internet speed.

There are some application available for android which will prevent these apps from getting automatically internet access.

Download Task manager application on your android mobile to stop the applications which are running in background.






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